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Established in 1975, the Twin Cities Airedale Terrier Club is Minnesota’s hub for devoted Airedale pet owners, serious hobbyists, professional competitors & judges, breeders, and folks who want a reputable referral for a puppy or rescue Airedale. All club activities are open to members and non-members!

It’s the Best Time to Join TCATC

In August 2023 we will host the Airedale Terrier Club of America’s Floating Specialty with four days of “Floater Events” to showcase the nation’s top Airedales competing in conformation, obedience & hunting. Our Club Calendar is updated year-round with events open to all Airedale fans: grooming, tracking, obedience, barn hunts, nose work, conformation competition, social meetups in area parks, and more. We are a learning community full of mentors and opportunities to discover what you and your smart, versatile Airedale can accomplish together!

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We love to make friends and enjoy “Airedale stories”

as only Airedale owners can understand!

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TCATC Tumblers on the Airedale Mall!

Artwork by Jordan Pesta!

Support our fundraising efforts with a fabulous Tumbler with exclusive designs by Jordan Pesta.

Purchase our Tumblers on the Airedale Mall page.


$160+ Cash Coupons +

$50,000 in Prizes & Cash!

We sold winners in 2022 – listed online at Hamburg Hunting & Fishing Club. $40 returns $10 to TCATC. Buy 1 for you & more for Holiday Gifts. Click here for a list of TCATC sellers!

Member Spotlight

The Joy of Honoring Georgie

By Mary Barker

Front & Finish The Dog Trainer's News - June 2018